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Amiville Comic Now Live!!

                                                       Amiville Comic is now live!


                                                      Amiville is a FREE webcomic with updates every

                                                        Thursday. The story takes place in the crazy town

                                                         of Amiville, which is populated by characters--

                                                          both villainous and heroic--from my novels

                                                          under both pennames K.J. Amidon and Kyra

                                                                                Anderson. While it is not necessary

                                                                                      for you to read the novels to enjoy

                                                                                         the antics of Amiville, it certainly

                                                                                         makes it more enjoyable!


                                                                                        As time progresses, there will be

                                                                                        other goodies, such as posters

                                                                                        and t-shirts. All information

                                                                                        about what is offered for Amiville

                                                                                        can be found on the Amiville


                                                                                  There is also a Patreon page for the

                                                                            comic. The best way to ensure that the comic continues is to let me know you enjoy it, whether that is by social media postings, or pledging to the Patreon page for special rewards.


In celebration of the release of the first 10 pages of the comic, ALL Kindle books are discounted or free until January 25th! This is the perfect time to catch up on all the stories of Amiville so you can follow the crazy antics.


Also, Amiville has it's own social media platforms, so be sure you support the page and spread the news to other readers!



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