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She was known by a number—A-C89072. It was tattooed on the back of her neck and it was how she had always been addressed by those who thought of her as just another Elite prototype. But she had never fallen into a mold, nor had she ever been one to abide by the rules of those who assigned her number.


As A-C89072 became the woman known as Isa, the Elite prototype became known as a degenerate.


Isa had always been different. Among Elite prototypes that had been engineered without emotions, Isa seemed to feel too deeply. Rather than silently accept her fate, she rebelled. Any other prototype would have been killed, but Isa was special.


Isa was going to change the world.



The Degenerates

Now Available!

The Significant

New Cover Art


The Significant got a face-lift! The new cover of The Significant launched on Dec. 1st.

The Significant - Book Trailer


The Significant now has a book trailer!

The Significant was mentioned on the Women and Words blog! Click the link below to check it out!


A Reader's Perspective on Escapism with Ted Beverage


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