Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Beasts - The Guardian Tournament by K.J. Amidon (Book 1)

The Dimension Protection Council had been around for nearly four thousand years, but it had never seen a crisis quite of this magnitude. The responsibility of the Dimension Protection council was to maintain the delicate balancing act of the five worlds that coexisted next to one another. While four of the realms were able to get along with little friction between them, the Demon Realm caused fear in humans even during the most peaceful of times.


Now was not one of those times of peace, and the fear in the human-inhabited realms was becoming suffocating. When the council finally discovered the break in the seal that held the dimensions separate, it was too late to repair the damage and drastic measures had to be taken and the Guardians, the mercenaries of the council, had to be called to action.


Despite a horrific massacre that occurred forty years previous, the best course of action decided was to reinstate the Guardian Tournament, which pitted the elite fighting force of the council against one another in brutal battle for sport. Using the tournament as a pretense to find the Guardians responsible for breaking the protective seal, the Elders of Council grouped the five strongest and most trustworthy Guardians in a team to infiltrate and flush out the criminals from inside the tournament. Dalton and his four teammates, Eclipse, Mitoki, Hanyi, and Keito, tasked with the task of catching the group responsible, soon learn that they are fighting something beyond their comprehension.


Centuries-old secrets and hidden apparitions bring the strongest Guardians to question their orders, their mission, and their loyalty as they face an enemy more powerful than they could have ever believed.


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