Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Darkness - Blind Ambitions by K.J. Amidon (Book 2)

The five realms of the universe that are regulated by the Dimension Protection Council and guarded by the Guardians are facing the biggest threat in millennia. The dragon seal that kept the realms together is disintegrating, causing panic as the realms begin to collide into one another. The Guardians must act quickly to keep the peace.


Dalton Teban and his team gather again for the second round of the Guardian Tournament, and the five are far more eager to learn about their enemy than to win the tournament. However, a few of the members of the newly-formed team learn of secrets that the older members have kept, breeding distrust and confusion among the five Guardians. With an enemy so powerful and mysterious, the younger Guardians become concerned with the loyalties of the two older members of Team Dalton.


Meanwhile, their foe is finally ready to come out of the shadows and introduce himself to the Guardians as the notoriously powerful demon, Lord Yokouro DeVastes, a demon that was supposedly killed three hundred years ago. While the revelation of their enemy is frightening enough, the Guardians soon learn that there are far bigger dangers that follow Yokouro, and cause the Guardians to question their ability to survive what has already proven to be the most dangerous assignment they have ever been given.


Pulled into a world of unclear intentions and strange tests, the Guardian team tries to blindly figure out how to keep the ones they love, and themselves, safe from one of the most powerful beings in existence.


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