Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Humans - Fate by K.J. Amidon (Book 3)

The people in the five realms are reeling from the reveal of Yokouro DeVastes, the mass-murdering demon Old Blood Lord, as the one who attacked a school filled with children. Distrust begins to breed as the Dimension Protection Council attempt to cover the information before everything falls into panic. After the information is leaked, Dalton Teban and his four teammates are left struggling to get the trust of the people again without revealing more of Yokouro DeVastes' intentions. But panic begins to take hold of the public, and the Guardians and Dimension Protection Council soon become the object of distrust and anger.


Meanwhile Dalton and his team are faced with other problems--Dalton's growing power. Concerned for their team leader's well-being, the others of Team Dalton do their best to help Dalton understand his powers. No one will explain what Dalton's true purpose is by fighting Yokouro, leaving them angry and confused. Their enemy is working to undermine the Guardians' efforts of understanding by keeping them in the dark as they try desperately to find an answer to their team leader's powers. It becomes clear that there is something far more powerful than Yokouro DeVastes behind the destiny Dalton holds.


Gathering for the third round of the Guardian Tournament, the enemy's influence begins to shake the trust the Guardians have in one another. Accused of having the tournament fixed in their favor, Team Dalton and the Dimension Protection Council must attempt to juggle the tournament and the influence of Yokouro's all-powerful allies, the Trade Masters.


With an uncertain fate ahead, Team Dalton finds themselves trapped where the only way to survive is for Dalton to accept his fate--or lose those he loves most.


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