Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Light - Imbalance by K.J. Amidon (Book 4)

While Dalton trains to master his new powers, the realms slip further into chaos. Distrust begins breeding within the people and even within the Dimension Protection Council. Dalton returns to find the people threatening to attack Council as the Guardians begin turning on one another. Tensions are rising to a breaking point and threatening to topple the four-thousand year old system.


But while Dalton and his team try to assuage the Guardian's concerns about Yokouro and ease the minds of the people about the Dimension Protection Council, trouble within the team distracts them from their mission. A dark secret looms in Mitoki's household and the Guardians find themselves witnesses to a sudden crime spree that turns their attention elsewhere.


The imbalance in the realms gets worse and a barely-avoided disaster with the dragon clan threatens to tear the realms apart, bringing more fear to the people. In addition, Dalton and his team are about to face their most difficult challenge yet--fighting the Trade Masters. Seeing the power the two demons possess, a feeling of utter helplessness drives a rift between the five top-ranked Guardians and causes the members of Team Dalton to fracture apart.


The balance in the realms finally topples. Wars are declared, people are slaughtered, and the trust in the Dimension Protection Council and Guardians completely vanishes. Under these conditions, Team Dalton struggles to fight the imbalance their enemy has created.


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