Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Demons - Scars in Time by K.J. Amidon (Book 5)

Deciding it best to set aside their differences, Team Dalton rejoins to finish their mission and find a way to defeat the powerful demon lord Yokouro DeVastes. The buildings of the Dimension Protection Council Compound are being attacked and Guardians are being abducted and killed, but Team Dalton knows that stronger actions from the Council will send the riots into all-out panic. They force themselves to step away with the hope that the people will calm on their own.


The need for specialty training takes Team Dalton to the Realm of Demons and to their elusive, all-powerful ally Vestera Hizoku. While in the Demon Realm, Dalton and the others are confronted with the life Keito leads. Startled by the circles that Keito travels in, Team Dalton begins to learn more about the origin of demons, demon culture, Keito's past, and the bigger implications of their fight with Yokouro DeVastes.


With Vestera training them, the Guardians of Team Dalton find themselves growing stronger and feeling prepared to fight, and defeat, Yokouro. However, no training could prepare them for the final secret Yokouro reveals. The newly-reunited team finds themselves struggling to stay together once again when they uncover the secrets kept by members of their own team.


Team Dalton will learn what stopped Team Keito from defeating Yokouro four decades previous. Apparitions from the past will appear to break them down and reveal secrets long hidden, and the final steps toward Dalton's fight with Yokouro will set forward a sequence of events spiraling toward the fate of the realms.


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