Dimension Guardian: The Realm of Exile - Continuum by K.J. Amidon (Book 6)

As the search for their missing teammate turns desperate, Dalton withdraws into himself. He becomes angry, violent, and uncontrollable, directing his anger mostly at Vestera Hizoku, the all-powerful dragon that had refused to tell him the secrets Yokouro DeVastes held.


While the human-inhabited realms declare states of emergency, everyone in the Realm of Demons bands together to help find the final member of Team Dalton, desperate to keep the devastation to a minimum. The dragons also travel to the Demon Realm threatening to overthrow Vestera and impose a new regime within the dragon clan. As the entire universe teeters on the edge of apocalyptic change, Team Dalton finds their teammate and begins to plan their final battle with Yokouro.


The Guardian Branch trains to become the army for Dalton while Yokouro declares the battle ground to be the Sixth Dimension--known as the Exile Realm.


The final battle between Dalton and Yokouro looms on the horizon. If Yokouro wins, the realms will fall and an apocalyptic tragedy will destroy the humans. If Dalton wins, that fate will be avoided. But will Dalton be able to succeed where his older teammates failed? Will he be able to face Yokouro knowing that it will cost the life of one of his closest friends?



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