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Being an Independent (Indie) Author comes with a lot more work and expenses than most of us bargain for when we first start our journey into writing. Not only are there countless hours writing, rewriting, agonizing over writing, and procrastinating on writing the book, but then you have to deal with editing, covers, formatting, marketing, and the list goes on and on.


As a seasoned independent author, I can offer several services and assistance for authors who are just starting their journey into the world of self-publishing. Below is a list of aid I can offer including editing packages, cover design, and book trailers.


Blog Posts

I have a short series about writing novels over on my blog. These posts cover the basic facts about writing including world building, character development, and technical aspects of writing. These posts are FREE and can be found in the link below. These blog posts are meant to be a conversation between me and you, which means there is casual and coarse language.


I also take requests for blog posts. If there is a topic about writing you believe would make a great blog post, email your idea to


Click Here to read the Indie Tips & Tricks Blog Posts


Editing Services

Editing is, without a doubt, the most difficult part of writing a novel, and when you are first starting out, it is very difficult to self-edit your work because you do not know what to look for and what to fix. Sometimes, sending it to an editor can do more harm than good for your story. You want an editor that is fair and critical of your work, but who is also sensitive to the story, dedicated to preserving your voice and style, and eager to get you excited about your journey into being a published author. I offer to edit one chapter or up to 4,000 words for free as a sample of my editing style.


To purchase an editing service, please email inquiries@kjamidon with the following information:

Subject: (Choice of Editing Package)

Your name

Title of Your Book

Word Count of Your Book

Any questions/concerns that may change pricing (such as short time frame, excessive word count, etc.)


All editing services are quoted in detail and a 30% deposit is required upon receipt of the manuscript. The balance must be paid at the end of the service. Policies on refunds will be discussed with each author.


As an experienced published author, I offer a different look at the editing of a book, always aware of the author's intent and voice. I never seek to change the story you have created, only to help you better tell the tale. I am willing to work in any genre. I offer 4 different editing services.


Chapter Overview

If you have just started on your story and want a cursory glance at what you have started, I do review single chapters up to 5,000 words. I am willing to do edits on a chapter to chapter  basis (up to 5 chapters) as long as I have communication with the author about the direction/plot of the story. A Chapter Overview will include: basic grammar edits, structure and plot notes, and a summary of impressions, advice, and tips.


Chapter Overview (up to 5,000 words) - $50


**For chapters longer than 5,000 words, please email for pricing:**



Simple Editing

Simple Editing will look at grammar and spelling within the manuscript. Simple editing will not discuss plot structure/holes, character development/motivations, or comments about style. This package focuses entirely on grammar and spelling.


Simple Editing (novels 50,000 words and under) - $240

Simple Editing (novels 50,000 to 85,000 words) - $300

Simple Editing (Novels 85,000 to 150,000 words) - $400

Simple Editing (Novels larger than 150,000 words) - Please email:



Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive Editing looks at every thing within your novel--spelling, grammar, plot structure,  character development, and style. This package includes a summary of your novel with comments on direction and tips for improvement.  This will also include email exchanges with authors who want further clarification or direction on the book edited.


Comprehensive Editing (novels 50,000 words and under) - $320

Comprehensive Editing (novels 50,000 to 85,000 words) - $475

Comprehensive Editing (Novels 85,000 to 150,000 words) - $630

Comprehensive Editing (Novels larger than 150,000 words) - Please email:



Editing & Formatting Package

This package is the ultimate aid for new authors! This package can be customized for your needs (whether you require simple or comprehensive editing) and includes editing of your manuscript, summary of your novel including tips on style and structure, and the formatting of your novel for publishing both in print and ebook. This means that, in addition to the word document of your novel, you will also receive the correctly formatted PDF file for print publishing, the correctly formatted document for Kindle, and the correctly formatted EPUB or HTML file for other publishing mediums. This will also include emails with authors who seek additional help getting their book on the market.


**Pricing varies by novel. Below pricing includes comprehensive editing and formatting**


Editing & Formatting (novels 50,000 words and under) - $550

Editing & Formatting (novels 50,000 to 85,000 words) - $675

Editing & Formatting (novels 85,000 to 150,000 words) - $780

Editing & Formatting (novels larger than 150,000 words) - Please email:



Each editing package is described in detail through emails with authors. Please email for more information.

Cover Design

The cover of a book is what attracts readers to your novel--it is the curb appeal of your book. I have created all my own covers for all of my novels (some examples below). All my covers are created in Photoshop and include 2 changes without extra charge. Any changes beyond 2 reviews will include a $35 charge for each alteration.


Cover Design Costs if Author Purchases Stock Photos

eBook Cover Only (6"x9" 300DPI JPEG) - $190

Print-Ready Paperback Cover (300DPI PDF File) - $320

*Includes eBook JPEG as well*


Cover Design if Author Does NOT Purchase Stock Photos

eBook Cover Only (6"x9" 300DPI JPEG) - $290

Print-Ready Paperback Cover (300DPI PDF File) - $450

*Includes eBook JPEG as well*


Authors are encouraged to purchase the license of the stock photos used in their cover design to ensure the design matches expectation. Discussion of stock photo licensing will occur in initial email correspondence.


*To purchase a Cover Design Service please email the following to*

Subject: Cover Design Service


Book Title

Number of Pages in Book (if purchasing print-ready paperback)

General description of desired cover


A 30% deposit is required at start of service and completed payment must be received before files are released to the author. Refund policies will be discussed with each author.


Each Cover Design service includes extensive emails with the author discussing design, stock images, font, and colors. Additional materials may be requested--such as various sizes for promotional materials--at additional cost.



Cover Art Samples


Book Trailers

Book Trailers are an amazing way to grab new readers and entice an audience to read your book. However, they are very time consuming! I am able to make intriguing book trailers that hook readers and bring them to your novels. Since these are so specific to each novel, there is no way to price out a book trailer without discussing with the author what they want. The starting price for a book trailer is $550, which gives you a trailer with 5 video clips in web definition (426 x 240 @ 30 fps) and one music file. Added narration is $50. 2 changes are free with a $40 charge for each additional change.


Authors are encouraged to purchase their own stock videos and music for assembly into a book trailer. In that event, the author will only be charged for assembly and editing. Plans and pricing depending on clips will be discussed for each book trailer.


Please email to discuss ideas for a book trailer and receive a detailed quote.


Book trailers I have created are in the play list below,



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