Inside by Kyra Anderson



America is peaceful and back at the top of the world seventy years after the Second Revolutionary War tore through the country and gave birth to Central--the new government. For Lily Sandover the Second Revolution is just another war to learn about in school, until her political father gets promoted into Central and she is taught that everything is not as it appears.


Lily's family soon gets invited into a branch of Central that acts more like an exclusive club called the Commission of the People, and once you're in the Commission, you're in the Commission for life. The Commission of the People is responsible for keeping the peace of America, and Lily soon learns that the peace comes at an extremely high price.


Using her position inside the Commission, and the obsession that the leader of the Commission has for her, she tries to find a way to change the face of America and bring down the Commission of the People.


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**Some scenes in Inside may be upsetting for some readers. Trigger warnings for abuse, violence, and other sensitive material

**Note from the Author**


Due to the incredible length of this book, Inside is broken into three parts. This is not a series of books, but one continuous novel that has been divided to make the material more accessible for readers.


Inside is broken into 3 thrilling parts!

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