The Sacred by Kyra Anderson

Book II of The Faith Series


Forced into a marriage she does not want, Nina Batten not only must find a way to survive her own situation, but also preserve the life of her imprisoned lover and unborn child.


However, born as a peasant, she does not have the skills to navigate the cutthroat world of the royal court. She becomes the target of gossip while her new husband, Deacon Damien, desperately tries to keep the royal court under control. As the King grows more ambitious, the Carias of The Faith seeks to launch crusades, which could lead to war with several countries opposing the spread of The Faith.


In addition to the spread of The Faith, war threatens Midastia as Abarae’s demands for their captured prince go unheard. New leaders and advisors take positions of power and wait for the largest powers to topple under the weight of their own deceptions.


Nina and Damien must find a way to work together to save the life of Prince Raduk and prevent the bloodshed looming on the horizon


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