The Significant by Kyra Anderson

The beloved leader of a planet, a non-citizen fugitive, and a secret love that could kill them both.


Kailynn Evada was born on the most powerful planet in the Altereye System, but was raised in the non-citizen district of Trid. She always dreamed of revolution and changing the injustices of the planet Tiao. But when her brother’s plot to destroy the A.I. that runs the planet falls apart, Kailynn finds herself struggling to save his life.


Armed with false citizenship and determination to save her brother from execution, Kailynn finds work in the capital city, Anon, as a Significant—a person paid to act as a friend to clients.


When a secret request for Significant companionship comes in, the pay drives Kailynn to accept the job. However, she soon discovers that her client is the most powerful person in the planetary system—Elite Isa, leader of the Elite Syndicate of Tiao who is genetically altered for perfection and forbidden from intimate relationships. The undeniable attraction between the two leads to a secret love that could kill them both.



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She was known by a number—A-C89072. It was tattooed on the back of her neck and it was how she had always been addressed by those who thought of her as just another Elite prototype. But she had never fallen into a mold, nor had she ever been one to abide by the rules of those who assigned her number.


As A-C89072 became the woman known as Isa, the Elite prototype became known as a degenerate.


Isa had always been different. Among Elite prototypes that had been engineered without emotions, Isa seemed to feel too deeply. Rather than silently accept her fate, she rebelled. Any other prototype would have been killed, but Isa was special.


Isa was going to change the world.



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Kailynn's life had always been defined by two things--her brother and her birthplace


Born as a non-citizen Trid, Kailynn learned how to steal food, protect herself, and to hate the ruling class of the planet Tiao. Alongside her brother, Kailynn was determined to make those in the capital city pay for deserting the Trids to starvation and poverty.


But when Kailynn's brother concocts a plan that lands him on death row, Kailynn must take dangerous measures to save his life.




Experience the world of The Significant in new depths with never before released chapters and revisit the darker side of Tiao.




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