Wander the Lost by K.J. Amidon

Roadside Paradise Series - Book 2


After a frightening, confusing confrontation in Napa, the Roadside Paradise troupe continues on their circuit. As they travel, Athena learns more about V, the leader of the troupe and his remarkable powers.


But even though they were able to escape Napa, the danger has not passed. In the middle of the night, a young girl enters the grounds of Roadside Paradise with unexplained powers. She is an escapee from the Guild of the Red Dragon--the organization that collects powerful children and trains them to be weapons.


With the girl under his protection, V must do everything he can to keep the troupe, Athena, and himself safe from the members of the Guild trying to retrieve the weapon. And Athena must find a way to help V keep his strength while they finish the circuit exposed to attack.




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